Background & Objective

Product managers often evolve into their roles from other functions and must learn the art & science of managing products while on the job. This is especially true of product managers in the medical devices/technology industry. When appointed as product managers, people often interpret the job from the perspectives of their previous roles. For examples, people with R&D skills see the job as technical marketing, while someone with a sales background see it as a sales-support role. It is vital to standardize the role of product managers so that the multi-faceted nature of the role can be emphasized. In addition, without the proper tools, methodology and approach, product management becomes inefficient, and often ineffective.

We are creating targeted 2-day workshops, which will educate, energize and empower product managers to be more effective and successful in today's complicated, dynamic, global environment. By partnering with experienced and reputable subject matter experts at Cetas Healthcare, NextLevel LifeSciences will be launching workshops in the US and Europe.

Structure of the workshop

These workshops will include critical topics such as, studying the market & macro environment; synthesizing customer needs; managing the risks through the product-development process; effective go-to-market techniques; as well as managing customers through the life-cycle. Content will be delivered through a combination of lecture, multimedia presentations, as well as interactive group-discussions based on real-life problems. Continuing education credits will be available.

The workshops will be conducted by two experienced instructors. One is a 25+ years veteran in product development/management with global executive-level expertise from industry-leading companies, and the second is an experienced and successful market research and customer insights leader. In addition to industry experience, both instructors have significant teaching experience, having taught at the MBA level at leading educational institutions.

At the end of the 2-days, participants should expect to gain an overall understanding and appreciation for the breadth and depth of managing products. They should also expect to gain insights and knowledge in both 'upstream' and 'downstream' product management steps. The participants should be able to apply the skills gained from the workshop right away, leading to more successful product outcomes. 


Each 2-day workshop will include the following modules, accompanied by other topics deemed of interest to the audience.

  1. Estimating and analyzing market size/growth & the macro environment
  2. Understanding customer needs and competitive positioning
  3. Managing the product development process
  4. Managing price and effective go-to-market approaches
  5. Managing customer relationships
  6. Emerging topics in the medical device/tech industry

Speakers List

Your Trainers

President, Americas & Head, Strategy Consulting
Cetas Healthcare, USA

Accomplished medtech industry executive with 28+ years of experience and a proven track record. Adjunct professor of marketing and product management.

Managing Director
Cetas Healthcare Insights, Netherlands

Event Structure

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Event Overview

Market Analysis & Product Value Development

Day 1 - 19th March, 2020

Maximising Product Performance & Impact

Day 2 - 20th March, 2020

Event Partner


“Great course with great experienced pros who love to share their experience"
Senior Product Manager
Bien-Air Surgery

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