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Essential tactics to engage and understand stakeholders, influence them and communicate value-adding solutions

This is a unique, training course specifically tailored towards life science professionals, who are motivated to engage KOLs and external stakeholders, influence colleagues, stand out from the competition, overcome objections and better articulate the true value of their solutions.

What's the unmet need?

We at NextLevel Life Sciences, have a unique perspective on how life science professionals can dramatically and immediately improve their influence & persuasiveness. At our pharma and medtech industry events, we constantly observe our clients’ successful interactions, but also missed opportunities. For example, many executives in life sciences companies are true subject-matter or technical experts. Often, however, they haven't received any structured training on influence, persuasion, negotiation or “sales skills”, so are not maximising their chances of ensuring the most from each customer interaction.

We have recognised a strong need for a structured and interactive course which will definitely help medical and clinical affairs professionals to engage stakeholders, appreciate their needs, positively influence them, demonstrate true value and forge lasting business relationships.

5 powerful soft skills medical affairs professionals will learn:

  1. How to ask more effective questions to understand what a KOL really needs & generate actionable insights

  2. How to make an impact in cross-functional teams, be listened to and demonstrate your value

  3. More is less: How to present the value of your idea or solution in as few powerful words as possible

  4. Objection handling: What to do when a KOL or colleague says “no”, “maybe” or worse “send me information and I’ll get back to you!”

  5. How to build “rapport” and become more engaging so the KOL wants to spend their valuable time with you.


Event Structure

Event Overview

Who are your trainers?

Geoff Cable                               
CEO & co-Founder                         
NextLevel Life Sciences

Luke Rogers
CEO & co-Founder
NextLevel Life Sciences

"We believe that in an increasingly digital age,
enhanced soft skills will separate you from your competition"

Geoff and Luke are experts in soft skills, negotiation, business development, management & entrepreneurship. They have a strong track record of growing their successful company organically, through sales and marketing. Both are Australians and also CEOs and co-founders of NextLevel Life Sciences, a leading event organiser and business intelligence provider for the Biopharma and Medtech industries. Over the last 12 years, Luke and Geoff have developed, promoted and delivered hundreds of industry events, focused on cutting-edge or critical themes. These have involved thousands of senior-level attendees from all the major pharma, medtech, biotech and diagnostics companies, as well as a broad range of service providers and key industry stakeholders. NextLevel Life Sciences has a strong value proposition, an effective process, but especially a customer-centric sales philosophy.


Day 200 - 16th March, 2020


Day 199 - 17th March, 2020

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"Well presented, very lively and interesting in general. With good examples"
Senior Clinical Research Scientist
Eli Lilly

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