The Medical Affairs Essentials Summer School is a unique chance for professionals in this increasingly important function to both deepen and broaden their skills and abilities in the areas of KOL communication, stakeholder engagement, late-phase study development and implementation, as well as to demonstrate the value of a product in clinical, but also economic terms.

Session Format

The 2 day course will be run as a series of 4 x half-day workshops, led by expert consultants and experienced industry representatives. The concept is to give medical affairs team members a condensed set of training to bring them up to the highest standard or as a refresher for those looking to implement best practices in medical affairs. All training will be focused on real-world scenarios and challenges specific to their roles, from experienced practitioners. All workshops will be in 50% didactic/presentation-style and 50% interactive sessions (small groups syndicates & real-world scenarios).

Why the Medical Affairs Essentials Summer School?

Medical affairs and MSL executives are increasingly being expected to improve their capabilities, in line with the medical affairs department’s increasingly central role in the Pharmaceutical or MedTech organization. Medical affairs and liaisons need to deepen their ability to communicate and engage with KOLs, external experts and other stakeholders and this increasingly requires more powerful “soft skills” such as communication and persuasion. Furthermore, in terms of written communication, medical writing skills are as important as ever and working closely with KOLs and investigators to produce interesting publications that appeal to a broad audience is key. Medical affairs professionals also need to improve their technical expertise in areas like late-phase trial design and the implementation of real-world, observational studies, to maximize the opportunity to capture essential evidence of product value. Furthermore, when developing late-phase evidence, medical affairs now need to work more closely with market access and health economic teams to understand what data they require in order to satisfy payers who make decisions based on the economic value of a therapy. The cost and budgetary-effectiveness of a drug or device also increasingly needs to be communicated to external experts and prescribers. This compact, 2-day training and refresher course will enable all participants with the fundamentals to carry out their Medical Affairs activities at the standard of today’s “best practices”.

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Suzanna Lawrence
General Manager
Tardis Medical Consulting, UK
Janice Haigh
VP Pricing & Market Access
Parexel Access Consulting
Leanne Larson
Corporate VP, Observational Research
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Pictures from recent MedAffairs Essentials Summer School. Imagine being there...

Understanding our own behavioural preferences and those of others who are different than us is key to achieving impactful and meaningful engagements with our internal and external stakeholders.

How will this be achieved?:
The Tardis Medical Colours tool combines the belief of Carl Gustav Jung, that by understanding yourself better you will increase the quality of relationships and the rapport you build with others using a simple colour-based model of behaviours, this workshop enables attendees to realise and articulate their own personality preferences as well as those who are different to them. We go on to understand how these preferences impact on our interactions with KOLs, peers and stakeholders. With this awareness comes the ability to adapt or flex our style in order to work more effectively with other people and create excellence in KOL engagement.

This practical workshop takes attendees through each of the primary colours exploring in detail the personality preferences for each.

Everyone will leave the workshop better able to identify:

  • Their own style preference and personality traits.
  • The colour preferences of others and how to adapt their style to engage with them.
  • How colours can be used to help build and maintain rapport.
  • How to flex their style for excellence in KOL engagement.
Workshop will be led by:

Suzanna Lawrence
Founding Partner & General Manager
Tardis Medical Consultancy (Publicis Healthcare Communications Group)

Following the previous workshop we continue to explore different KOL personality types and how to communicate well with them for long-lasting relationships. We understand what it is to truly listen and build a bank of insightful questions to understand the question behind the question. Features extensive role-playing, scenarios and learning cases based on real-world examples and experiences.

  • Ensuring lifetime-level connection and understanding with KOLs and External Experts of all natures and personality types.
  • This practical session builds upon the Tardis Medical Colours session and features a multitude of Role Plays, Scenarios and Real-World examples which your MSLs and Medical Teams WILL FACE in the field.
Workshop will be led by:

Suzanna Lawrence
Founding Partner & General Manager
Tardis Medical Consultancy (Publicis Healthcare Communications Group)

Understanding and developing strong health economic evidence to improve the effectiveness of medical affairs. Working in partnership with market access teams to communicate value to payers, physicians and other stakeholders.

Workshop will be led by:

Janice Haigh
VP Pricing & Market Access
Parexel Access Consulting

How to design and implement studies that demonstrate added-value for products pre and post approval, to enhance evidence and value for payers, physicians and patients.

  • The importance of real-world evidence today and medical affairs’ role.
  • Key sponsor value drivers and considerations.
  • Utilising real-world evidence to drive market access.
  • RWE study design: Building a successful registry.
  • RWE study operations: Making it work.
  • Accessing real-world data.
  • Analysing and communicating RWE study findings.
  • RWE quality: Evolving guidance.
  • Concluding thoughts.
Workshop will be led by:

Leanne Larson
Vice President & Global Head, Observational Research

  • Medical Affairs Managers
  • Medical Directors
  • Medical Science Liaison and field medical
  • Medical Advisors
  • Health Outcomes Liaison
  • KOL and External Stakeholder Engagement
  • Medical Communications
  • Publication & CME Executives

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This event is accredited for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) status



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